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Felimperia is an exciting new MMORPG, suitable for all cat lovers. It is an online indie game with a vast open world, where you can customize almost everything you play with. Explore the enchanted realm of Felidar and make your own path of good or evil with your friends as you create colonies and defend your territory from other players' greedy desires. Farm herbs, mine ore, hunt and skin prey, go on conquests, socialize, roleplay - the possibilities are endless!

Felimperia is a major work in progress. The project was first started in November of 2016, and continues to this day! If you want to contribute to this game's development and help make it easier on its creators, you can volunteer as a translator (see above), join our development team, or donate to our Patreon! Any of those would be a huge help to all of us, and will make the game the best it can be quickly.

Technical Stuff:

  • Felimperia's engine is Eclipse Renewal (version 1.8.1); however, we plan to switch to Atlas upon its release.

There are currently:

  • 2 developers
  • 2 staff members
  • 0 players
  • 0 members of the Fellowship
  • 0 servers

Progress on the game and related projects is as follows:

  • 24% of Wiki Development is completed
  • 42% of Lore Development is completed
  • 16% of Game Development is completed

Estimated Schedule and Deadlines:

  • December 2017 - First Official Servers Bought & Established
  • January 2018 - Start of Alpha Testing + Active Development
  • June 2018 - Beta Testing Begins (Invites Only)
  • December 2018 - Estimated First Release
Note that these dates are not final, and may change without notice.

Game World


  • Unique Items:

Game Interface



In case of issues in-game, please contact the following users:

CaramelRexx (Rex) and Pikesprite (Pike)

In case of issues on the wiki, please contact the following users:

CaramelRexx (Rex) and Pikesprite (Pike)

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